We understand that today’s astute business person is value-conscious and knows exactly what they want with a good idea of the value of the service desired. To accommodate our discerning customers, we have in place a number of pricing options depending on the particular engagement:

Hourly billings:

This is a relatively easy and efficient pricing method for both our customers and ourselves, usually demanded by customers, and practised for audit engagements.

Unit pricing:

A fixed price is charged for the performance of standard or basic tasks, eg statutory registrations and entity formations.

Fixed pricing:

We provide predictable and competitive prices for relatively low value added services, eg management accounting, completing and submitting monthly returns. We offer a unique product, the Fixed Price Agreement (FPA), which consolidates your basic unique annual requirements.

Contingent Pricing:

Price is dependent on the results achieved, not on time spent, based on pre-determined expectations of our customers.


Payment in return for our commitment to be available when requested and sometimes also to refrain from servicing other parties that may pose a conflict to our customer.

Percentage pricing:

Price is based on the amount involved in the matter being handled, particularly useful for large value transactions where the customer and we are willing to share the risks and reward of the outcome.

. . . . or a combination of the above based on each customer’s unique circumstances.