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  • You want the highest levels of SERVICE
    - We have a 'can-do' approach and believe we can make a difference
    - We use a professional, value-adding approach to projects
    - Efficiency and accuracy is our top priority
    - We believe in a continuous improvement philosophy in everything we do
    - Our team is driven by a key set of work values
  • You want to see SYNERGY'S develop so you can see the benefit in your business
    - We aspire to be our client's key strategic advisor and partner
    - Building long-term customer relationships is our passion
  • You want the CONVENIENCE of dealing with one professional accounting practice
    - We offer a convenient 'one stop' by providing a full suite of accounting services
  • You want INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to your ever-changing business challenges
    - Our skills are continuously updated to provide you with the latest solutions.
    - We have a strong hands-on practical business background
    - We believe in thinking 'outside the box' and applying practical solutions to your business challenges
    - We aspire to build a strong team approach both internally, within our organization, and externally, with you our valued client.
  • You want a firm that provides FLEXIBLE PRICING options that are consistent with the level of work that is required and is value-adding
    - We offer a unique combination of various pricing of our services. See Our charges

Customer references....

"We found the team very focused on delivering high quality service within tight deadlines and guiding us practically with their expertise."
(FMCG importer and manufacturer)

"We had a bid to complete. The firm pulled all the stops and made sure we completed the intensive bid in time for submission. We were short-listed and that in itself is evidence that we chose the right company to help us with the bid."

(Empowerment: Focus on Parking Administration Solutions)

"We have investments in many entities and accordingly deal with a number of accounting firms. We find this firm to be very practical and focused on delivering accurate and efficient work within timescales promised."

(Manufacturing and Property)