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Date posted Subject
21.09.2010 Another Twist to the New Dividend Tax
21.09.2010 Voluntary Disclosure Relief Programme unwrapped
21.09.2010 Zero-rated Property Sales under Scrutiny
03.08.2010 Audits - A thing of the Past
04.03.2009 2009 SARS Filing Season Timetable
03.03.2009 SARS taking aim at Corporate Interest-Free loans
20.02.2009 Surviving the Financial Crisis
11.02.2009 Tax Related Budget Proposal
03.02.2009 Provisional tax - a potential tax nightmare
03.02.2009 Dividend Withholding Tax - what the future holds
05.12.2008 SARS creates new Taxpayer Type
04.12.2008 Commercial Property Tax Relief
03.12.2008 SARS New Weapon - Penalties
12.11.2008 Some reasons for the state of the World Economy
07-11-2008 9 Things to Know about Negotiation
26-10-2008 The End of the Provisional Tax World as we know it
02-09-2008 Lump Sum Proceeds Exempted from Estate Duty
01-08-2008 Tax and your Investments
05-07-2008 SARS e@syFILE for Employers
16-07-2008 Eight ways to cut down your Working Hours
15-07-2008 Capital Reconciliation is SARS deadly weapon
10-07-2008 Commercial Property Investment Tax Relief
10-07-2008 Tax Allowances for Developing Property
19-06-2008 Increased VAT threshold not yet in force
20-06-2008 Pitfall when buying VAT-able property
07-05-2008 Annual Returns for CCs
06-05-2008 Who has the right to inspect your records
22-02-2008 2008 Tax Related Budget Proposals
20-02-2008 Insurance Firms warn on Blackout Cover
20-11-2007 Retirement Taxation - The New Rules
19-11-2007 Stamp Duty on Leases
23-10-2007 Small Claims Court
23-10-2007 National Credit Act
22-08-2007 Negotiating with a Landlord
21-08-2007 Trust between Partners
03-05-2007 Tax-free "bubble" for 2010 Word Cup
03-04-2007 Using tax-free donations to save on Estate duty
04-04-2007 Deciding on a legal structure for a business
22-02-2007 Small Business Tax Amnesty
11-09-2006 Tax Deductible Donations
26-07-2006 Are your Assests Safe in a Trust
17-07-2006 Small Business Tax Amnesty Bill
11-07-2006 Does your business qualify for the lower tax rate?
18-05-2006 Your Company and BEE
10-05-2006 Small Business Tax Amnesty (The Draft Bill)
04-04-2006 An Inter Vivos Trust May become a Member of a CC
03-03-2006 Life's little Instruction Book (Everything is not Always about the Money)
14-02-2006 Tax Related Budget Proposals
07-02-2006 Business Succession Planning - Part 2: Options
07-02-2006 Business Succession Planning - Part 1:A test for entrepreneurs
24-01-2006 You may need to make changes to your Will
13-11-2005 Nowhere to run for property tax dodgers
13-11-2005 CGT Relief for owners when selling a Small Business
04-11-2005 Nominate a Beneficiary of your Life Policy
30-08-2005 Exchange Control Amnesty, a further opportunity ?
20-04-2005 Writing off a Bad Loan?
11-04-2005 Budget 2005: Bonanza for Small Businesses
08-12-2004 New Invoicing Requirements for VAT Vendors
with effect from 1 March 2005
19-08-2004 Selling a home owned by a company, CC or trust
19-08-2004 Last Chance to Value Assets
19-08-2004 Donations and Tax
31-05-2004 Retirement Planning
08-05-2004 Taking on the taxman
01-05-2004 How much you need to save for Retirement
13-02-2004 Taken on Trust
17-01-2004 Be careful where you place your Trust
11-10-2003 You cannot beat RA's for tax benefits and versatility
28-02-2002 Directors and PAYE
31-05-2001 Mixing Family and Business

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